Grup Impeks Metal Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Company was established at 1991 as a Foreign Trade company specificly serving for Metal Industry by special pipes, non produced pipes at Turkey, Natural Gas line pipes etc. Being at formal supplier list of major Government Establishments and representative of globally wellknown producers, Grup Impeks Ltd. today still remains at the market. By the time we reach to year 2004 we have seen the lack of textile,industrial products, retail and dry food products supply at our Close Region, Close East and Africa with efficiency and quality of Turkish management output and Turkish origin brandmarks.

Through continuous creative and innovative works, consultation of experts, strategic collaborations and completed many different projects over last decade, allowed Grup Impeks Ltd. to a growth of wide range of products to be exported not only to Close Region of our market but to Middle East countries of Saudia Arabia, UAE and Qatar and also to extend to Africa; Nigeria, Angola, Ivory Coast, Kamerun, Kenya, Djibouti & Libya and China and then to Southern Europe; Macedonia, Albania, Croatia with the full range of Multipurposes Uniforms, Ballistic Equipments, Retail Products & Textile, Quick consumption products,Industrial machinery & Spare parts, Dry Food/Pulses, Canned Food and Beverages and then medium to big size turnkey projects of EPC Contracts, Energy Projects of individual Operations. We are in service of to satisfy our clients fully with logistic requirements and after sales follow-up or operating services with warranties. To accommodate its rapid growth, Grup Impeks Ltd., relies on its manufacturing partners and agencies both locally and internationally with trustworthy companies at Europe,Serbia, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in order to attain a competitive edge at the Energy Market and Defense Industry Market.

Since 2010 Grup Impeks Ltd. is a role player at Energy Market by 2 separate selfprojected Hydroelectric Power Plants – Agkolu HES/Mor-2 HES - at Blacksea area. Both projects are have been owned group company of Mor Elektrik ve Uretim A.S. and have been completed by 2014 to start producing electricity. Today both projects have been sold to a Austrian origin fund and running by them. Being experienced at energy market by HES Projects, Grup Impeks Ltd. serving to its worldwide clients by supplying EPC projects, serving by Contract Agreements, Commissioning, Operations & Maintenance , Training and Spare Parts at all variety of Energy Market. Last 2 years we, Grup Impeks Ltd., have the considerable experience with those services and aiming to provide fast response and take full control during plant upsets or asset failures that may lead to long periods of shutdown where, procurement and logistics plays an important role to shorten the downtime.

We have extended our presence with branch office in Qatar and a contact office in UAE and yet our thriving Import & Export business is opening new and different markets. Today, Grup Impeks Ltd. is a primary and whole supplier of Commercial/Civil and Military Uniforms and accessories, tactical solutions, as well as all kind of dry foods for all kinds of needs to our valuable clients with remarkable experience and prestige but more important we are the only supplier company in Turkey which saves valuable times and efforts of our clients for facing with difficulties of purchasing from multiple suppliers against their various conditions. Also we are founder member of Turkish Defence and Aerospace Industry Exporters Association which was founded in 2011. Grup Impeks is widening its foreign trade activities and services of food and non-food products by being only supplier of SenaMart- Super Market chains based in Africa. We are aiming to be a FMCG sector bridge to African markets with known Turkish Suppliers and Brands. By supplying dry food needs of major African countries until today, we had the motivation to extend our range of products also by supplying foods and non-foods with known brands. We are the candidates to be team mates of our clients to understand their needs and help them to achieve their missions with our service, quality and support in every possible way we can. We aim to be the supplier in the growing market of Defense Industry with utmost innovations while providing the highest quality to our valuable clients.

We have our thanks to our existing customers for priceless support and feedback. Your demands for highest standarts are what lead us to our standing today. We promise to continue our dedications for the highest and most innovative standarts for your needs. As the Energy Markets around the world become increasingly sophisticated and needed, also the Defense Industry is a key strategic sector which constantly grows and bodes well for our country’s future, we are and we will always proud to be part of those key markets.


To improve our quality and environmental management systems continuously, by providing highest possible customer satisfaction, to work in compliance with legal regulations and technical specifications, to end our duties on time, To organize education and awareness activities related to quality and environment both inside and outside the company for continuous improvement of our employees, to ensure all employees to participate in the management and management activities to keep the stability of continuous improvement in environmental policies, to be ahead our competitors in the sector, to minimize the internal and external factors affecting the pollution of the environment, to use resources effectively and rationally, to implement recycling technology, to support such activities, to adopt the quality and environmental management system and fulfill the requirements to provide environmental awareness systematically and regularly in all fields of activity. is the quality and environmental policy of GRUP IMPEKS.


En üst düzeyde müşteri memnuniyetini sağlayarak, sürekli iyileşmeyi ön planda tutmak, yasal mevzuat ve teknik şartnamelere uygun çalışmak, aldığımız işleri zamanında bitirmek, çalışanlarımızın sürekli gelişmesi için şirket içinde ve dışında kalite ve çevre ile ilgili eğitim ve bilinçlendirme faaliyetleri organize etmek, tüm çalışanların yönetime katılımını sağlamak, kalite ve çevre yönetim sistemlerimizi sürekli iyileştirmek, sektöründe rakiplerimizden önde olmak, çevre kirlenmesine etki eden şirket içi ve dışı etkenleri en aza indirmek, kaynakları etkin ve akılcı şekilde kullanmak, geri dönüşüm teknolojisi uygulamak, bu tür faaliyetlere destek vermek, mevcut yasalardan doğan yükümlülükleri yerine getirerek bütün faaliyet sahalarında çevre bilincini sistematik ve düzenli bir şekilde sağlamak üzere kalite ve çevre yönetim sistemini benimsemek ve gereklerini yerine getirmek, GRUP İMPEKS’in kalite ve çevre politikasıdır.


To implement and continuously improve the Information Security Management System ; In all the activities we conduct, we provide three key elements of Information Security: Integrity, Confidentiality and Accessibility, and to protect these elements in all information assets We Systematically manage risk analysis for information assets, we meet all legal requirements and other obligations related to Information Security, we create the necessary infrastructure for business continuity, We Establish and maintain the necessary system to prevent information security violation, We have embraced all those points as our Information Security Policy.


Bilgi Güvenliği Yönetim Sistemini uygulamak ve sürekli geliştirmek için; Yürüttüğümüz tüm faaliyetlerde Bilgi Güvenliğinin üç temel öğesi olan Bütünlük, Gizlilik ve Erişebilirlik dengesini sağlamayı ve tüm bilgi varlıklarında bu unsurları korumayı, Bilgi varlıklarına yönelik risk analizini sistematik olarak yönetmeyi, Bilgi Güvenliği ile ilgili tüm yasal şartları ve diğer yükümlülükleri karşılamayı, İş sürekliliği için gerekli altyapıyı oluşturmayı, Bilgi güvenliği ihlal olaylarının önlenmesi için gerekli sistemi oluşturmayı ve devamını sağlamayı, Bilgi Güvenliği Politikamız olarak benimsemiş bulunmaktayız.