Grup Impeks is getting more specialized on Ballistic Products&Solutions with multinational consultancies, cooperation with major role players in the market and R&D investments of ours.

We have started ballistic helmet production line beside the ballistic vest production line at our factory, Istanbul and we are hoping to complete the facility with in 2016. Our production quality benchmark is NATO and American standards and references from our valuable clients from many different countries. By this fact we could be in service of;

  • Ballistic Panels supply
  • Ballistic Carrier supply
  • Ballistic Helmet supply
  • Ballistic Plates supply
  • Ballistic Fabric supply

Ballistic market is becoming more sophisticated with AR-GE investments, Innovative Raw Materials and Hi-Tech solutions every day and Grup Impeks Ltd. is proud to be part of it by offering best possible solutions with most suitable alternatives.We are also, in service of to satisfy our clients fully with logistic requirements and after sales follow-up with warranties and all types of needed international certificates.