Turkey’s stability, high economic growth and rapid social transformation have shaped its current stature as a regional economic and political power base. As Grup Impeks Ltd. has been active both in Turkey and African, Middle East markets for many years, we have seen the signals the need for presence and coordination of all of our business activities, including Energy, Contracting & Procurement, Defence for the decision to invest to those markets. Turkey has scale and its young and well-educated workforce and strong emphasis in Research and Development supports us well with our ambitions to be in the Construction and Contracting Business as a global company.

Grup Impeks Ltd. has established a strong position in three global markets - Energy, Contracting & Procurement and Defence. As a result of its diverse product portfolio and geographical reach, today we have a broad customer base comprising more than 5 turnkey hospital projects, 3 turnkey textile plant projects, more than 6 individual country for corporate and government airport utility and agricultural equipments & operators, greenhouses, marine customers for river boats including infrastructural mining investments. The company offers projects, development,workmanship, groundwork, construction, reconnaissance, machinery&spare parts supply, furnishing, operating&training. Grup Impeks Ltd. has services&warranty agreements besides production and support services in place with all project owners as requested.