Group Impeks operates as a textile & design and foreign trade company that transforms ideas into designs and designs to products. Group Impeks located in İstanbul has a serious potential in the field of military textile and professional products design and production for military, security and police forces worldwide.

In addition to the design studies for the needs of its customers upon demand R & D and branding design alternatives are also offered. With its 360-degree service approach, Group İmpeks offers its customers special solutions in many areas ranging from project design, technological features and production to distribution, logistics and after-sales services.

In addition to its successful studies in textile and design, Group Impeks operates in a wide range of services including fast moving consumer goods, retail, industrial machinery, spare parts, dry food and turnkey projects.

By means of its creative and innovative approach to trade, its strategic cooperation studies and its projects Group İmpeks has a successful progress in terms of its commercial potential. With strong and target-oriented R & D studies, creative design services and technology-based vision, Group Impeks is on the way to becoming one of the leaders of the world market in the sectors it serves.

Grup Impeks is a company of Barer Holding.


Since year 2013, Grup Impeks is being awarded the internationally acclaimed ISO 9001 certification as well as recorded Among Top 1000 Exporters of Turkey.


Grup Impeks familiar with the requirements of the market, experienced and sensitive to the objective needs and cultural aspects.


Grup Impeks represents globally recognized manufacturers and strong commercial activities, as well as providing raw materials and materials needed by investment environments.


With the exclusive design team, Grup Impeks carries out special design works for the products demanded by the companies and fulfills all processes with customer information and approval and delivers the requested product in the desired final form.


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