Grup Impeks Ltd. provide solutions and services to meet energy needs of our clients according to their demands and needs, with our market and client focused approach through on-site generation facilities and high-technology based infrastructure.

Our self owned Hydro Power Production Plants were our starting point for the Energy Market and have supported us to take our place at the Energy sector. We are very proud to complete 2 different HPP plants at our hometown region of Blacksea, Turkey and both are running by new owners efficiently for the last 2 years by now.

Experiencing the HPP projects leads us today to offer solutions for small Hydro applications up to 30 MW, with options for turnkey plants or individual components, including:

  • Run-of-river plants
  • Remote-controlled facilities
  • Minimal heads as low as a few meters to high heads.
  • Fixed conditions to sudden or seasonal variations.

Our standard configuration results in reduced lead times and costs, making the small hydro turbine portfolio an ideal choice for plant operators. And yet they are engineered for high reliability and quality, with applications up to 30MW as turnkey plant solutions or individual components.

Being part of Energy market by HPP leads us to involve at other ares of Energy which we feel to finalise such undertaken projects has to be completed with success and the aim is; to convert natural renewable sources into energy and bring them for the good of our client’s and our environment, and also for the economy of the government’s of theirs.

Our product range supports customer requirements, from highly standardized equipment to cutting-edge compression solutions for Liquefied Natural Gas and Gas-To-Liquids plants.

Our offered solutions for those types of investments can be:

  • Compression Solutions
  • Gas Turbines and Control Solutions
  • Module Solutions
  • Floating LNG
  • Small-scale LNG plant
  • CO2Liquefaction
  • Gearing Technology
  • Pumps

Our aim is to create value for our partners, clients, suppliers and the community, where the energy projects takes place, by providing feasible opportunities and alternatives within the sector. Our business at Energy Market will go on with our operations of ; EPC Contracts, Operations and Maintenance, Construction, Construction supervision, Project Management, Spare Parts & Consumable supply and Training facilities with procurement and best convenient logistic modules by fast response and competitive pricing.

We understand that to succeed, a high class O&M (Operations and Maintenance) service is required to have the materials available and ready in case of unforeseeable events. Our aim with this service is to provide fast response and take full control during plant upsets or asset failures that may lead to long periods of shutdown where, procurement and logistics plays an important role to shorten the downtime.

In order to offer this exclusive service, we have to supply sub-sector service of individually supplying all electrical and mechanical spare parts and have done several exclusive representative agreements with major providers of the market.

Thanks to our partnership and agreements with our providers and most important dealers in the industry market. But also our sincere thanks to Africa and MENA Region clients, who supported us well to serve at a difficult market with utmost Energy and all needs, and being a constant role player with our proved years of experiences.